Big Baby Satan - _Big Baby Satan_
by: Aaron McKay (2.5 out of 5)
This nine track demo is scaled down and took a long time to actually get into. Staying in the two minute range with their material, Big Baby Satan display far too few riffs for such short tracks to capture my interest. There was one track that stood out on this effort: "Like the Sun", the demo's sixth cut. That said, it's unfortunate that it took this Long Island, New York outfit that long into the disc to make a statement worth recognizing as distinctive or memorable. While Big Baby Satan doesn't lack in the experience department -- drawing from other projects like Redshift, Sorrow, Wehatejulia and Mr. Murray -- a bit more polishing of this three piece's low end rhythm, especially in the infectious groove department (no offense Sarsippius!), might be in order. There is a "smoky" appeal to BBS's overall feel with clean, understandable vocals and a straightforward metal drive, and Mike Hymson's drumming is way above average. However, this self-titled demo leaves the listener wanting something more than a re-heated, under-produced Screaming Trees meets Cathedral travail. Overall, Big Baby Satan's stripped-down sound and puerile lyrics, combined with a swag humor, are investments worth embellishing to hopefully take Big Baby Satan to a level yet unattained by this band.


(article published 28/4/2003)

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