Aphotic - _Stillness Grows_
by: Pedro Azevedo (5 out of 5)
Fair enough, Aphotic have a strong doom component in their music; but it took me just one glance at their latest demo for my spirits to sink even before I heard any of it. This wasn't caused by some smart cover art, but rather the lack of any. You see, Aphotic have released two excellent demos on CD, complete with very tasteful packaging, and all to no avail -- inferior bands kept getting signed in the meantime, but not them. This third demo is to be their final one if they aren't signed now, and gone are the packaging and illustrations: all I held in my hand was a CD-R with a handwritten front cover briefly stating that what lied inside was Aphotic's third demo. This disillusionment did not affect the band's ability to create very good music, though. They have continued onwards with their on _Stillness Grows_, and now feature a human drummer in their line-up. The rhythmic difference on _Stillness Grows_ isn't huge yet, but this line-up change does give them a better margin for progression. Powerful yet sombre, Aphotic's atmospheric doom/death metal manages to sound varied without ever losing its consistency, and melancholic without becoming whiny or boring. All five songs are interesting on this third demo, while the sound quality is very good. All I can say is that I crave a professionally produced Aphotic full-length album. Unfortunately that possibility is far from depending solely on the band, as apparently the record labels out there seem to have their eyes turned to easier -- if far less interesting -- markets. Here's hoping time will prove me wrong and Aphotic will get the deal they so thoroughly have earned with each of their demos.

Contact: kpowers-aphotic@news.rr.com

(article published 21/3/2003)

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