Solution 13 - _Solution 13_
by: Adam Lineker (3.5 out of 5)
Were it not for the absence of a record label acknowledgement, Solution 13 could be mistaken for a signed band. With a reasonable production and a professional presentation, they are, on first impression, more than convincing for their level. They peddle a thrash influenced form of rock, using conventional beats and stylings but relying heavily on riffs, many of which are faster or more unusual than one would expect to find. Though vocalist Ilkka Jarvenpaa sings, he hasn't the greatest voice in the world, sounding like a dog-tired crossbreed of Lemmy, Phil Anselmo and James Hetfield. Incidentally there is a reasonable amount of early '90s Metallica in this, and some of it works quite well. Having said this, a lot of the material does lack punch and can sound passionless. The unexciting nature of the music means that one has to listen hard to appreciate the level of quality. If it sounded more powerful and less sterile then this, it would probably be a lot more absorbing. As it stands, it remains just a bit too bland. One gets the feeling that the live environment would lend itself well to Solution 13; it is not as if the music is impenetrable and their easy-listening brand of metal can work on many levels. With riffs that are of an above average quality and an inventive handling of familiar formulas, Solution 13 show potential. As a debut release, one can forgive the basic nature of the music and hope that the song writing reaches the quality that it would seem to promise in time. Get a heavier production with some edge next time. Some of this material deserves better!

(article published 21/3/2003)

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