Slaughter of Souls - _Nexus Avernus_
by: Adam Lineker (4 out of 5)
The newest creation of ex-Reign of Erebus brothers Pete and Mike Rowland is melodic in style and performed with aggression under a fuzzy and shallow production. As with many demos, the lo-fi feel can sometimes detract from the impact of certain riffs, but Slaughter of Souls do well in rising above the technical limitations, shredding out some passages with impressive ferocity. Some of the melodic touches they employ are quite traditional, although they make room for a fair amount of discordant progressions that reflect the band's more extreme roots. Aside from ludicrous song titles, such as "Your (sic) All Gonna Die" and "Club Dead", the only real gripe one has is that the reigns could be held a little tighter on the song structuring, with some of the material seeming to lose its way on occasion. However, this doesn't stop _Nexus Avernus_ being a strong demo, possessing some really driving works of metal. Hopefully, Slaughter of Souls will do well enough to release an album that reflects some of the qualities present here.


(article published 16/3/2003)

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