Serrated Scalpel - _Suspended in Misery_
by: Adam Lineker (3.5 out of 5)
Aside from a production lacking in power, Serrated Scalpel do well enough when performing solid death metal and succeed in creating some good riffs, but it is unfortunate that the band's preferred tempo never really aids the music in escaping a stodgy feeling of sluggishness. With a guitar mix that is far too quiet, the intrusive evilbelch vocals only emphasise this. Still, with this in mind, it remains reasonable quality for a demo and allows Serrated Scalpel to display their compositional talent and capable musicianship. There is an element of good progressive sensibilities and a fair amount of fine riffs, yet the length of the individual songs lets a lot of it become a dirge on first listening. All in all, what Serrated Scalpel offer is quite enjoyable and shows potential, especially on standout track "The Emblem of Immortality". To its credit, _Suspended in Misery_ succeeds in drawing you in and ascending in levels of quality; a fine and often lacking characteristic in many albums you'll find floating around. This alone merits Serrated Scalpel worth a look.


(article published 16/3/2003)

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