Illogicist - _Polymorphism Of Death_
by: Alvin Wee (4 out of 5)
It's hard to understand how _Polymorphism Of Death_ can be this band's initial offering to the tired death metal scene, when faced with the stunning quality of this MCD. Displaying little of the naivete exhibited by equally young bands, this Italian quartet toss off their brand of technical death metal with wondrous ease. Incendiary solos reminiscent of James Murphy's Disincarnate days dot this delightful 20-minute romp, sitting deliciously amid headbang-inducing crunchy riff acrobatics and mainman Luca's well-tempered growl. The band's influences no doubt run the gamut of technical prog-death bands like Atheist, Death and Cynic, but are immaculately showcased in a completely updated framework that hints at thrashier and more melodic elements of the new Swedish style. Song structures and melody lines, while always complex enough to remain novel through multiple listens, never lapse into the unlistenable musical masturbation marking the downfall of many a ‘technical' band. In my book, Illogicist could well be the next Cynic, for producing amazing material worthy of album status on their first demo, and I don't see them staying unsigned for long at all.


(article published 16/3/2003)

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