Spancer - _Countdown to Victory_
by: Xander Hoose (5 out of 5)
Before I received this album I had never heard from German-based sludge-doom band Spancer before, but after giving the album a listen I have to admit I should feel guilty about it. Being a great sludgecore fan myself, devouring everything in the Eyehategod/Neurosis/5ive league, Spancer's _Countdown to Victory_ left a -very- strong impression on me. While not as dirty as Eyehategod because they're lacking the feedbacks and taking on a higher pace, Spancer might be seen as their doomy little brother. Especially thanks to the vile vocals and pounding drums, a sinister and depressing atmosphere is set. Paradoxically, the strange and at times almost stoner-rockish guitar work enhances this atmosphere by adding an extra textured layer to the music. Even though this album contains only four songs, it will provide an excellent introduction to this band as well as keep you hungry for more. Hopefully, Spancer will be picked up by a record label soon so we can see them on tour in Europe.

(article published 1/9/2002)

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