Slavia - _Gloria in Excelcis Sathan_
by: Quentin Kalis (4 out of 5)
Originally recorded in 2000 -- and presumably initially released later in 2000 as well -- Drakkar Productions have now made Slavia's demo available in a limited number of 666 hand-numbered copies since last September. Slavia are a Norwegian band performing harsh sounding black metal with a few scattered atmospheric touches. For some reason unknown to me, what is apparently, to the best of my knowledge, the Russian national anthem is tacked on to the end of one of the songs. Also somewhat inexplicable is the band name, which is unusual considering the near fascistic hyper nationalism that infuses much of black metal. For a demo, this is relatively well produced, though the guitars do sound a bit thin. But what should have been a flaw is transformed into an asset, as the very hollowness of the sound adds a slight melancholic edge to the music, which might very well have been lost had the demo been subject to better production. The lack of information regarding Slavia is somewhat irritating -- I have no idea as to whether they are even still around! But if they are still active, then Drakkar Productions can do far worse then to have Slavia on their roster.


(article published 3/7/2002)

8/24/2007 Q Kalis 8 Slavia - Strength and Vision
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