Holochaust - _Holochaust_
by: Pedro Azevedo (3 out of 5)
Listening to the first couple of tracks after the intro, I have to wonder: are Holochaust trying to become a Metallica cover band of sorts? Since their _Valley of Misery_ demo [CoC #55], they only seem to have become closer to Metallica and some of the covers the Americans themselves play (or used to), judging by these two tracks. The demo then ends with a doomy ballad. Holochaust again prove to be a technically skilled band, capable of delivering a solid demo with a couple of rocking tracks and a well executed ballad, but they have simply failed to gain any more individuality that can set them apart from the rest. Hopefully that will change in the future, because Holochaust do have some potential.

Contact: http://www.go.to/holochaust/

(article published 3/7/2002)

10/19/2001 P Azevedo 4 Holochaust - Valley of Misery
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