Godless - _Let There Be Darkness_
by: Pedro Azevedo (4 out of 5)
Godless describe themselves as purveyors of "epic death metal". The "epic" bit may be debatable, but at least they do seem to strive to achieve it. The disc in question is what the band calls a "rough mix promo" of a four-track, half-hour record. They specifically state it is -not- for sale, just promotion; I assume they are either getting it properly mixed and packaged on their own or hope to find a label to help them do so through this promo. In any case, _Let There Be Darkness_ consists of obscure death metal with mostly raspy vocals and plenty of involved lead guitar work. Godless also experiment with more complex song structures -- as indicated by the nearly fifteen minute long third track -- and the final track even sees them playing some rather competent doom/death. Production-wise, my expectations weren't exactly high after reading about the "rough mix" thing, and indeed this CD sounds every bit like your average demo tape, but I shall refrain from dwelling on this subject too much since the sound is apparently meant to be perfected. The rhythmic backbone is provided by what sounds very much like a drum machine being used in a rather limited way. This doesn't exactly destroy the music, but a good human drummer could certainly add an extra dimension to the whole thing. Still, taken as a demo CD, the material is quite good and reasonably varied, and shows that this Greek band could be on their way to recording some rather interesting things in the future if they are given a good opportunity to do so.

Contact: godlesstheband@yahoo.gr

(article published 14/1/2002)

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