Field of Illusion - _Demo 2001_
by: David Rocher (4 out of 5)
Another pack of talented newcomers from the region of Rennes, Brittany, comes in the guise of the brutal hardcore outfit named Field of Illusion. As a definite disliker of the hardcore genre -- the attitude, general stance and, most of all, the goddamn music usually succeeds in boring the living daylights out of me --, I was more than wary about reviewing this three-track demo. However, the wariness I displayed took a turn for the best, since Field of Illusion seem to be clearly and prominently influenced by hardcore-laden acts such Dying Fetus and the once glorious trash scene, with a vocalist who sounds uncannily like Holy Moses goddess Sabina Classen. Although FoI's hardcore influences are pretty obvious and unconcealed, this demo generally has the aggressive flavour of thrashing metal, as downright slow, almost doomy parts are blasted away by massive, stomping death metal-tinged hardcore onslaughts, to which I am unwittingly nodding my head, neck and torso as I write these lines. FoI's first demo features generally catchy, competently played, well-produced and professional material from this band -- I'm more than pleasantly surprised, despite the fact that some excessively stomping hardcore-style segues have, at times, had me dwelling upon a rather dubious sentiment of dislike.

Contact: Ludovic Pecot, 23 Rue de Montual,

(article published 14/1/2002)

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