Biomechanical - _Distorted_
by: Alvin Wee (5 out of 5)
Years since I receive a demo to get all hot 'n' excited about, and at the snap of a finger, these lads from London send one winging my way. It's a surprise Biomechanical isn't already a household name in prog-power circles given the awe-inspiring potency on this four-tracker, but it won't be long before some European eagle-eyes pick this quartet up. Opener "The Awakening" sears faces with its deliciously disharmonic riffery and surprisingly melodic chorus, reminiscent of the Stateside tech-wizardry of Fates Warning or Queensryche, but with all the muscle and attitude of a furiously provoked Iced Earth. Indeed, portions on the subsequent "Do You Know Me" sound eerily like their frozen cousins across the pond, and the grandiosity of "In the Core of Darkness" wouldn't sound out of place on _Stormrider_. Never once does the band sound weakly derivative, however; if anything, their versatility shines through impressively in the rapid switches between Metallica-style strongarm-thrash and the filmic bombast of Dream Theater. Such a description can only do injustice to the brilliance of the material on offer here -- comparing a band as inventive and polished as this to any other is an ultimately futile task. Hardly a bone to pick with what turns out to be one of the most unforgettable demos ever, as even the occasional Fear Factory-style shouts fit perfectly in the already mind-boggling music: complex enough to impress but never once losing the ear of even a die-hard traditionalist like me. Drop by the equally impressive website for a preview of a band possibly on par with greats like Spiral Architect or Nevermore. I wouldn't be surprised seeing an album of theirs in the newest Hellion catalog.

(article published 14/1/2002)

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