Summer Dying - _Summer Dying_
by: Aaron McKay (4 out of 5)
It has been a really bad week and I am in a shit mood right now, but these motherfuckers still impress me. I say "still" because I caught their performance originally at the Milwaukee MetalFest this last August. Much like now, I spent most of the two days far less than enthused, but Summer Dying was a bright spot at an otherwise dismal two-day affair. This five piece from Lansing, Michigan (also home to one of my preferred black metal outfits, Summon) has a great concept of music for the masses -- that being KEEP THINGS INTRIGUING! Summer Dying moves this demo along with conviction and poisonous veracity. Six minutes and seven seconds is the shortest of the cuts on this self-titled offering -- changing vocal style and tempo like I change air in my lungs. Moving from the heavily chaotic rhythms to peaceful passages worthy of Anathema spontaneity, nothing here is typical. The intensity of the bass separation in "Forever Lost" make that track my favorite on the demo... well, that and the guitar solo about the four and a half minute mark; in a weaker moment, I might think a younger, hungrier Kirk Hammett was persuaded to lay down that solo. A significant offering. Keep up the good work.

Contact: Goddess Death Promotions, Jamie Cripe, P.O. Box 27263,

(article published 19/10/2001)

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