Serpent Eclipse - _Thy Bleeding Heavens_
by: Alvin Wee (4 out of 5)
American black metal has taken a turn for the better since bands like Judas Iscariot and Krieg have made their presence felt, and Serpent Eclipse certainly bear the much-maligned American torch capably enough. Evoking fond memories of early Norse black metal, _Thy Bleeding Heavens_ rips forth with mind-numbing conviction, twisted riffs and sweeping keys conjuring up mountains of madness and oceans of insanity. Fundamentally old-school, yet unashamedly technological, SE dredge up a Mysticum-like coldness sadly missing from much of the neo-black metal scene today. Comparisons might even be made to _Declarations..._-era Mayhem, with disharmonic riffs and chilling, robotic percussion, but I prefer to draw on the similarities between the twistedness of early Emperor's oft-overlooked background riffing and SE's equally atmospheric guitarwork. And despite the band's lack of a human drummer, the drum-machine actually adds to the recording's already-inhuman coldness. This is material worthy of an official release, so keep your eyes peeled for the band's upcoming MCD. Or simply order this killer promo for $5.

Contact: Void Sector Recordings, P.O. Box 1384, Salem, NH 03079, USA

(article published 19/10/2001)

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