Human Abstrakt - _Human Abstrakt_
by: Adrian Bromley (2 out of 5)
Technical blackened heavy metal? Blackened technical power metal? Technical death metal with blackened qualities? I am just as confused as I was taking my Managing Money final exam in 11th grade when it comes to describing the music of this four-piece from Atlanta, Georgia. Whatever you want to call this act, you cannot ignore the technical style and sound the band showcases on this two-song demo. The band does their best to offer up interesting technical numbers -- enough to keep us interested, but not enough to really show us what they are all about. The music here is good (I liked the opener "Vice"), but for all I know the rest of their set list when they play live could be weak as shit. I don't know what else they have to offer. Another problem I have with this band is the name: Human Abstrakt. It just doesn't seem to fit the music they play. It sounds too "death metal"-like. In the end, these two songs are interesting, but not enough to keep me coming back for more. Onto the next demo...


(article published 19/10/2001)

9/1/2002 A Bromley 8 Human Abstrakt - Psychological Blindness
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