Deathguy - _The Secondary Quest_
by: Adrian Bromley (2 out of 5)
I'll give Deathguy credit -- they have a really tight sound. Too bad the music isn't all that original or inspiring. Sounding at times like a rehashed version of almost any aggressive black metal band that has come out in recent years, Deathguy seems to just go through the motions of making their music sound like everyone else. Isn't it every band's plan to try to sound different? Guess not. But as much as I make negative statements about this Thailand act, there are a few bright spots on this demo. One worthy of mentioning is that the band does manage to successfully add a jazzed-up progressive metal sound into the fold, enhanced by keyboards and some nice guitar work. But that is only short-lived, really, breaking back into the uninspired, unoriginal sounds they manage to coat their music with for most of this eight-track demo. Bands like Deathguy sit and play in garages or small clubs for years trying to make a name for themselves and they wonder why no one is giving them a break. Maybe this review will help them decide to create something more original sounding. As far as I see it, there still is some hope for Deathguy. It is up to them on how they want to approach the situation.

Contact: Thanit Thepsitrakorn, 21/2 Soi Suanoi, 1 Samsen Road Dusit,

(article published 19/10/2001)

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