Mahavatar - _Demo 2000_
by: Adrian Bromley (4 out of 5)
I'll admit it. First time I heard this record, I didn't like what I heard. Too much going on in terms of vocal styles and the Middle Eastern sound was throwing me off. But after repeated listens I found the music of New York act Mahavatar very intriguing. The sounds and styles of the music are just so damn addictive, with the Middle Eastern style on one side and harsh, heavy tones of metal music on the other. Plus singer Lizza Hayson has got some deep heavy growls, but at a second's notice can break into soft-chanting vocal delivery. The musicianship on this four-song offering is top notch, especially the track "Open Your Minds". Those of you who like their music a little bit intricate and a bit more ethnic-sounding, don't hesitate to check this band out.

Contact: P.O. Box 314, JAF Station New York, NY 10116, USA

(article published 20/11/2000)

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