Torment - _Torment_
by: Brian Meloon (3 out of 5)
Torment are a thrash band from Sydney, Australia, and this is their second demo. They are a professional outfit, playing straightforward '80s thrash, with almost a punk feel at times. The band that popped into my mind while listening to them was Nuclear Assault (the song "Brainwashed", to be precise). Ultimately, they're not treading too much new ground, but what they're doing, they're doing quite well. The songs display a good variety of tempos and styles, so they aren't overly repetitive or boring. The music is semi-melodic; not hook-based, just straightforward thrash with some melodic guitar lines. The playing isn't too bad, and they have some nice ideas. The rhythm guitar and bass work is good, and the drumming is competent. Unfortunately, the guitar solos aren't very good; they're weak and amateurish in comparison to the rest of the music. There's nothing flashy in the music, which means that attention is focused upon the vocals, which are the album's weak point. The vocalist simply shouts the lyrics in a monotone style. This is passable on some songs, but on others, he tries to carry a tune, which doesn't work because he has basically no range. In addition, the lyrics could use some improvement. The production is a little weak: somewhat faded and tinny, but passable. If you're in the mood for late '80s thrash, this would be a good choice, and it's nice to see bands still playing this style.

Contact: Torment, 88 Bridge Road, Westmead N.S.W. 2145, Australia

(article published 25/10/2000)

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