Lucifer - _Watching the Christians Burn_
by: Brian Meloon (3 out of 5)
Lucifer is a death metal band from Maryland, USA. This is their first full-length release. Their music is straightforward death metal: nothing fancy or particularly innovative. Their main weakness is the lack of a real drummer. While I generally have no problems with drum machines, the key to their proper use is in making sure that the drums don't get boring and repetitive. And that's what's wrong with this album: the drums are too straightforward and very repetitive. The thing that makes this all the more unfortunate is that the riffs are generally average to good, but the repetitive drumming and song structures combine to really drown out any interest that the band manages to create. The guitar work is very good and even moderately technical. The guitar solos aren't particularly good, but they don't ruin the music either. If the music even had the level of diversity that the vocals do, this would be a much better recording. The vocals range from death vocals to shrieky black vocals, and are very well mixed up (both interspersed and overlayed). While the actual CD packaging is quite good, I must say that their bio sheet has more errors in it than I was expecting. Guys: if you want people to take you seriously, put a little more time into your bio sheet. Overall, this isn't bad for a demo, but these guys aren't quite ready for the big leagues just yet. With some work on making their songs and their drum programming more interesting, they could be ready for the next level.

Contact: Lucifer, P.O. Box 49, Goldsboro, MD 21636, USA

(article published 25/10/2000)

7/14/1997 P Azevedo 3 Lucifer - Lucifer
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