Te Deum - _Demo 99_
by: Pedro Azevedo (4 out of 5)
Interesting demo CD from this young Portuguese band: well played, decently produced and certainly unveiling some very significant potential. Te Deum build their sound around dueling vocals -- a highly promising, and indeed already very good classically trained female singer, and a competent male vocalist who performs both death and clean vox. Sounds familiar, most likely, but Te Deum still manage to avoid sounding as derivative as the above description might suggest. There is some good keyboard playing at times, particularly during the church organ-like instrumental track (except for the final part, in which it loses most of the dark atmosphere). The drumming is reasonably good (neither a highlight nor a problem), while the guitarists appear to be quite skilled, though perhaps in several places their style does not seem entirely adequate for a doom band. In fact, that is the main issue here: technically this is clearly a very competent band, but I feel they need to make some choices in the future, namely whether to really become a doom band or not. I would have liked deeper death grunts that could contrast more with the female voice, more downtuned and doomier guitars, stronger drum sound, and keyboards that could really drench the sound in a darker atmosphere. Of course this might not be what the band wants at all, but I feel that it would be the best way for them to capitalise on the finest elements of their sound. Creating greater contrast would highlight those elements, ultimately resulting in more intense and emotional music. As it is, Te Deum are definitely talented, have very interesting potential and did create a very pleasant, enjoyable and clean demo CD with some very good passages scattered throughout its duration. However, some things are still missing, and therefore I'll save the 5 out of 5 for their next demo, in case they can keep up the progression and simultaneously create something more intense.

Contact: Te Deum, Rua Combatentes do Ultramar 79, Aruil,

(article published 12/8/2000)

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