Omnium Gatherum - _Promo 99_
by: Paul Schwarz (2 out of 5)
Bar one track, the songs that make up the seven and a half minutes of this _Promo 99_ are tracks ready to be included on Omnium Gatherum's imminent debut full-length. However, despite a relatively thick production which gives their rabid, raw-ish death/grind tirades an unprecedented bite, Omnium Gatherum are essentially little more than purely derivative as a musical entity. There is certainly nothing presented on _Promo 99_ to suggest innovation, and nothing which enthrals me greatly. Omnium Gatherum are welcome to a friendly pat on the back for playing decently and taking the time to produce their material relatively well, but at present they are of no real significance to the international death metal or grindcore scenes.

Contact: PO Box 79, Kilkenny, South Australia 5009

(article published 12/8/2000)

2/12/2012 M Dolson 10 Omnium Gatherum - New World Shadows
9/30/2008 K Sarampalis 8 Omnium Gatherum - The Redshift
4/20/2007 K Sarampalis 7 Omnium Gatherum - Stuck Here On Snakes Way
11/29/2004 J Smit 7 Omnium Gatherum - Years in Waste
9/29/2003 P Azevedo 8 Omnium Gatherum - Spirits and August Light
3/26/2003 P Azevedo 8 Omnium Gatherum - Steal the Light
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