Bongwater666 - _L-yeyed/Tanner_
by: Adrian Bromley (3 out of 5)
While I still own these East Coast sludge-mongers debut six-track demo _Pissed off and Fuzzed out_, [CoC #19], I am glad to see that Bongwater has managed to strengthen their sound since the demo three years ago. The sound, while still a noisy mess of guitars and clunky drums and plenty o' fuzz, has become a lot more Melvin-like and deeply situated within this real drivin' groove. Fitting somewhere between noise and stoner rock, this two-song offering of present day BW666 material gives us all yet another reason to hit the bong and just chill out. They get an "A" for effort.

Contact: Nedal Ayad, P.O. Box 204, Bay Roberts, NF A0A - 1G0 Canada

(article published 12/8/2000)

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