Void - _Promo 2000_
by: Paul Schwarz (5 out of 5)
This is a five out of five so deservedly that it near gleams like surgeons tools with cleanliness. Dodheimsgard's Czral deals a hand of his deadly drum talents to London metal musicians Kraken (of the project of the same name [CoC #44], guitars) and Tirzah (vocals) and thus the three forge ahead to bring us one of the most impressively experimental, unpredictable black metal centred records to emerge from England, as it happens, since last year's Akercocke, but before that for a considerable time. Favourable comparisons to Dodheimsgard come easily to mind, and quite apart from Czral's involvement, though the under-production of these three tracks does hinder them from as well displaying the same glorious passion and drive to fuck with the rules in all the best possible ways. Void are never too consistently predictable. Maybe that element of surprise doesn't stir something in the more narrow-minded among you, but, let's face it, predictability is probably music's most evil accepted quality. With the financial backing, leading inevitably to a proper production, and a sharp creative focus, Void may well bring us one of the great late-nineties-rooted extreme metal releases of the years to come.

Contact: Kraken, 55 Seyssel Street, Island Gardens,

(article published 25/5/2000)

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