Unevil Hopes - _As the Light Crushed the Darkness_
by: Adrian Bromley (1 out of 5)
No offence to our Russian metal brotherhood, but if this is the style of music making headway over there, then you guys really need to go buy some Dimmu Borgir and Hypocrisy records from the black market. Deep, deep, deep within a very sedated and supposedly improvisational piano tirade, Unevil Hopes (a one-man project) slowly walks us through some of the most boring musical arrangements I have ever heard. Not only is the atmosphere achingly boring, but the growls are so B-movie-like that all you can do is laugh. To be honest, I couldn't wait till this was over. The demo asks to give this three or four listens before passing judgement on it. Thanks for the punishment, dude! This stinks. Echh!

Contact: St. Petersberg 1900 Marata st. home n.28 flat n.4, Russia

(article published 5/3/2000)

1/10/2001 A Bromley 2 Unevil Hopes - Pretranscendental
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