Dauntless - _Inhumankind_
by: Paul Schwarz (4 out of 5)
Coming raging out of Finland, Dauntless have succeeded where so many others have failed in their bridging of the gap between the catchiness of both the baggy-pants metal crowd (Machine Head to Korn, et al.) and Gothenburg's melody mongers. Hammering through, at almost grindcore levels of intensity, with a thrashy, central musical theme, Dauntless nonetheless groove and scale their fretboards with skill and precision reminding fleetingly of their fellow countrymen Children of Bodom. For a demo level recording, _Inhumankind_ is both pleasingly clear when reproducing the various threads of melody and surprisingly powerful when thrusting big meaty riffs into one's face. With a few of their proverbial nuts tightened up just that bit more, Dauntless will be a well-oiled machine ready to do its work alongside extreme metal's big guns. Very promising.

Contact: Santeri Salmi, Rukoushuoneentie 3, 00730 Helsinki, Finland

(article published 5/3/2000)

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