No Rest for the Dead - _Earthlings From Mars_
by: Adrian Bromley (5 out of 5)
When Rich Hoak (ex-Brutal Truth drummer) introduced me to this Japanese band at the New Jersey March Metal Meltdown, they looked so innocent and cutesy. Let me tell you folks, looks can be deceiving. From opening number "Dislocated" through "Deny My Existence" and "Waste of the Thread", this Japanese noisecore/noise/sonic quartet pull no punches with some of the most blistering drums and screams to grace any demo that I have heard. And the riffs? Right outta metal school, boys 'n' girls. Pure mayhem. Mix Today Is the Day with Brutal Truth and The Boredoms and you've got the maniacal assemblage known as No Rest for the Dead. Utter brutality wherever you go on this monstrous release. Rich Hoak, who is doing his own label right now, called Deaf American, sure has a fine ear when it comes to awesome shit like this. More to come? I hope so.

Contact: No Rest For The Dead, c/o K. Nozawa,

(article published 15/6/1999)

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