Sheen - _Sheen_
by: Adrian Bromley (0 out of 5)
I still can't believe all of the stuff I get sent from Bill Sannwald. It's amazing that this guy has such creativity flowing within his veins. Featured last issue, Bill Sannwald has once again gone off and assembled a wide array of eccentric goodies to give listen to. With such a slew of new ideas seeing the light of day, one might wonder: Are they good? Is it all repetitive? The answer: no. What Sannwald does, and I tried to explain this in my story with him, is that he has the unique ability to make music out of anything. His works have always been lopsided, meaning his creative patterns are never really forced or follow the same style all the way throughout. If he were driving down the street for example, he'd be swerving from side to side. Is it worth the ride in the Sannwald mobile? Oh yes. From the translucent and hypnotic patterns of the always versatile Thought Masticator with its up and down, start 'n' stop ways of musical endeavours to the rockin', doubly-weird assemblage of ideas with the odd @@@@#. @@@@# is quite a good project in my books for Sannwald, as it allows him to venture out certain ideas that he has yet to capture. The ultra brutal black/Viking metal ways of Meth is very professional, with some cool-ass darkened riffs and vocals that would peel paint off walls. Sinister stuff. Beware of the Hordes of Meth! Finally Sheen. Yes, as you might have guessed, reckless actor Charlie Sheen is the showpiece of respect here as Sannwald and Co. dish out some meaty hooks of metal in respect to one of Hollywood's notorious bad boys. This is so dirty in metal filth, that this music could have easily done some time with Heidi Fleiss' women as Sheen did. Yeah, baby! While I liked Sheen the best out of all of Sannwald's demo tapes, due to its complex and totally out their rally of ideas (though @@@@# kicked ass too), it's a total given for many interested to contact him and scope out his literally hundreds of ideas. I'm still hooked on this guy. Keep 'em coming, Bill!

Contact: 3538 Paseo Salomoner, La Mesa, California 91941, USA

(article published 19/5/1999)

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