Mindflair - _Split w/ Belching Beet_
by: Paul Schwarz (3 out of 5)
These two releases by this German grindcore combo were sent to me on a single tape, and so I felt that a double review, assessing not only the quality of the music on offer but any progression between the two releases, would be appropriate and most beneficial to you, the readers. _The Multi-Orgasmic-Man_ is, quite honestly, not that impressive. Much of the demo is comprised of mostly fast and brutal, but rarely significantly interesting grindcore, and only a few tracks stand out. It is let down badly by a murky production and clumsy sounding drums. The vocals are OK but more or less bark out over the top of the music and sound badly disjointed. Surprised was I then, after my walkman turned the tape onto the second side, to find that I was actually quite into the new tracks from the band's upcoming split with Belching Beet. It is funny how production can disguise the quality of songs, for though these two releases share tracks, the production on the newer EP is so much better that songs I was before falling asleep during, while mumbling about the poor drum sound, I was now sitting up straight and quite getting into. I would give the split a chance, especially if you have a taste for the sick and brutal sounds of Groinchurn and their ilk, though, as my mark indicates, Mindflair are still a bit wide of the mark as far as being stand-out or special goes. With the production so obviously sorted, though, it could be the ideal time for the band to capitalise by writing some stunning songs too.

Contact: Manfred Lahmers, Schubertstrasse 15,

(article published 14/3/1999)

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