Intestine - _Gastrointestinal Pathology_
by: Paul Schwarz (4 out of 5)
Well, this is a first for me: a demo on CD. In terms of presentation, naming and titling of songs, Intestine (in fact the work of one man on all instruments and vocals) are nowhere in the originality or brilliance stakes. Musically, however, this is an incredible demo. Production, always an important factor, is very good and brings out the churning guitars and thumping drums excellently. In fact, every duty except the vocals are more than just proficiently handled. Intestine gets "that extra push over the cliff" from the groovy, repeated and almost catchy riffs that are interspersed into the heavily early-Carcass / Napalm Death influenced majority of the music. For demo quality music, Intestine is extremely impressive and, although not ripping apart established musical norms, manages to very cleverly contort them. If more dynamic and powerful vocals were thrown into the mix, I think Intestine could be well on its way to being something of a contender even against the more experienced and established of the pure-death/grind bands.

Contact: Ian de Grussa, PO Box 772, Esperance WA, Australia, 6450

(article published 8/7/1998)

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