Desolate - _Resurrection Eternal_
by: Paul Schwarz (3 out of 5)
Desolate's music can be summed up relatively well by the term gothic rock. However, Desolate are not one of the terrible bands sitting at the bottom of the very deep and festering barrel that so often characterises this genre (at least in my view). The most frequent and relevant reference point I can find for the music on _Resurrection Eternal_ is Amorphis' _Elegy_ album. I am sure that's put some of you off, but I personally really like _Elegy_ for what it is. Although _Resurrection Eternal_ is not in the same league in terms of quality, their mixing of rich power chords, rock drumming and clean vocals is coming along. If this isn't all they've got, then Desolate could get somewhere with this formula.

Contact: Desolate, c/o G. Jones, 8 Burnmoor Veiw,

(article published 8/7/1998)

11/20/2000 A Bromley 7 Desolate - Eventide of the Orb and Heavens
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