Agathodaimon - _Near Dark_
by: Paul Schwarz (5 out of 5)
Well, it really is a case of "believe the hype: it's true" with Agathodaimon: they are a band to be worshipped. Although on first listen my high expectations (5 out of 5 in Terrorizer) led me to think, "Ah, it -is- just hype," after repeated listens (once you get to know what you're actually dealing with) _Near Dark_ really is both extremely refreshing musically and extremely impressive for a demo recording -- not to mention being a great piece of extreme music. Agathodaimon mix the best of extreme music, black and doom cavorting particularly well, and, like Arcturus, use keyboards and 'symphonicness' (does this word even exist?) to achieve a brilliant result. The second, and notably long (16:10), track "Near Dark" has a similar structure to the movements of a Wagnerian opera and an epic feel much more prominent than just its length. I recommend you purchase this and soon (it -might- be wise, their full-length due out on Nuclear Blast later this year, -might- not be as good; just remember the tale of Cradle of Filth and _Total Fucking Darkness_).

Contact: Agathodaimon Management, c/o Martin Wickler

(article published 13/4/1998)

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