Imperium - _<untitled>_
by: Pedro Azevedo (5 out of 5)
Composed of guitarist Tommy Lindal (formerly in Theatre of Tragedy), vocalist/bassist Dag (formerly in Dismal Euphony), guitarist Frode Clausen (Dismal Euphony) and drummer Trym (well known for his work in Emperor and Enslaved), Imperium may be one of the next high cards to be played by German label Nuclear Blast (see my interview with Imperium in this issue's Independent Interrogations). This demo tape has been in the cold since the Winter of 1995 and has finally been released near the end of 1997. Still, according to guitarist Tommy Lindal, this is a good example of what Imperium is about: and I like it! This is quality black metal with few embellishments and played fast and viciously most of the time. "Eternal Pain", the opening track, is my favorite. It shows just how well Imperium managed to blend great high-speed riffs and Trym's superb drumming, which are completed by Dag's bass and vocals. Very fast, yet frequently changing, and full of highlights, this is a track that shows that Imperium are by no means your ordinary demo-stage band. "Awaiting the Decay" manages to keep up the quality, and then the few embellishments I mentioned show up in the second half of the demo. Still, guest keyboardist Lorentz Aspen (from Theatre of Tragedy), has little, yet worthy, work. The doomier "Trollmannens Vrede" has a couple of keyboard passages, and only "The Ravens" actually depends on a very effective keyboard melody towards the end. This untitled demo is a damn fine piece of black metal from start to finish. I'll be waiting for their debut CD.

Contact: Tommy Lindal, Statfjordtunet 15, 4028 Stavanger, NORWAY

(article published 5/2/1997)

2/5/1997 P Azevedo Imperium: The Rise of Imperium
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