Death of Millions - _Frozen_
by: Adrian Bromley (4 out of 5)
This demo didn't arrive at CoC HQ like most of our demos do. Instead I received a copy of _Frozen_ from Death of Millions (DoM) at this year's Milwaukee MetalFest and I gladly told the band that I would review it. Well guys... here we are: D-Day! The Texas quintet's 10-song tape is a roller-coaster ride through numerous sounds, styles and speeds - everything from brutal death metal to straightforward death metal to atmospheric metal. Quite a good mixture if you ask me. While the grinding groove and death growls seem to take precedence over slick riffs and brutal intensity, I found a lot of the band's material to be very well orchestrated and planned. It seems as though the band not only likes to deliver crushing blows to our cranium, but also coat their music with interludes and one heavy atmosphere. I'm totally digging this demo and hoping that the band keeps their music this interesting from here on in - stay away from trends guys! Good production also helps makes this onslaught of noise and heapage of brutality a worthwhile listen every time you crank it up.

Contact: Death of Millions, 808 Chrisholm Valley Dr., Round Rocks,

(article published 14/9/1997)

10/16/1997 A Bromley Death of Millions: Death of Millions
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