Requiem - _Our Only Hope Is Death_
by: Adrian Bromley (1 out of 5)
Ugh! What is this booming from my CD player? Man, I was left with a headache. Not at all interested or into the music of Requiem. Supported heavily by lackluster song arrangements and styles (vocals are boring too), this death/grind-ish trio lets loose some pretty mediocre if not lower than standard music on this 15-track outing (tracks 10-15 taken from their 1996 _A Brief Moment in Death_ EP). I was really eager to turn this off, but like the trooper that I am, I sat through the remainder of the material. Did I mention the production is horrible, too? Well, it is. Okay, so the record has some cool ambient/keyboard parts (as heard on "The New Covenant") but other than that, there is little hope that I will ever put this on again. I need an Advil.

Contact: REQUIEM, P.O. Box 560971, Miami, FL, 33256-0971, USA

(article published 12/8/1997)

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