Ember - _Chapter II: The Gate..._
by: Henry Akeley (5 out of 5)
Another great demo from this potent and promising young band. What struck me about Ember's previous demo was the skill with which the band blended impassioned new school blackness with the punchier, hellish vibe of old school Satanic thrash. That skill is evident here, too. In fact, the band has become even more powerful and adept at fusing their influences into truly kick-ass, memorable material. The music displays more texture and structure than their first demo offered. The crustier segments sound energetic and up-to-date, and the presence of more modern influences elevates the music miles above that of many other old-school-honoring bands. The songs contain cool riffs, crafty and compelling dynamic shifts, stylistic variation, and solid performances all around. Plus, the music just oozes that thrash-on underground hell-metal vibe which cannot be faked. Three tracks, pro-copied, with a pro-printed J-card. First rate stuff; I really hope Ember gets signed.

Contact: Ember, c/o Peter Mlot

(article published 14/7/1997)

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