Spun - _The Spun Experience_
by: Brian Meloon (0 out of 5)
This demo consists of the 33-song "The Caffeine Experience", the 10-song "Live @ the 10 Day Cafe", the 29-song "Caffeine Flashbacks", and three bonus tracks from the "Napkin Sessions". Looking through the J-card made me dread listening to this, and my intuition was right: this is a high school AC ripoff band whose level of intelligence makes Seth Putnam look like a musical genius. The songs are an aimless collection of teenage humor, bad Beavis impersonations, lots of screaming, and talentless playing. The only redeeming things I found on this demo were the song "The Smurfs Theme Song" (which is amusing, but completely unoriginal), and the titles (not the songs, mind you, just the titles) "Poser Monkey", and "Barbie Domination" (and only then because I know people named "the Monkey" and Barbie). One notably pathetic thing about this demo is that while each song starts off with a non-musical section (some samples, some supposedly humorous clips that the band recorded), the 'production' is so bad that there's usually a second-long pause before the music starts. I suppose that this is hilarious if you go to the same high school as these guys (and maybe even know the chick who got laid three times Saturday night in both of Melissa's beds), but if not...

Contact: Spun, c/o Jay Smith, 28 Crooks Street, Stratford,

(article published 7/6/1997)

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