Sub-Version - _Foul_
by: Adrian Bromley (5 out of 5)
Holy shit!!! Run to the hills and hide as there seems to be something powerful and lethal coming from Western Canada. Storming out from the commercially successful Vancouver rock/pop music scene comes the complete opposite: Sub-Version. Power-packed with grindcore/death metal and some hardcore intensity, this Vancouver quintet push all the right buttons with this truly powerful display of material. This demo has got enough rhythm, growls, and enormous guitar riffs to kick yer ass and leave you craving more. I'm floored by the might of this demo tape. Fuck! If New York's Brutal Truth ever had a Canadian cousin, this would be the band. I'm still floored writing this as the music cranks. I have not heard a demo by a band hit me so hard and fast in the last little while. Sub-Version's demo just doesn't have a handful of intensity within their music, it's got a truckload of intensity. A whole fuckin' truck baby! You want some prime dosage of Canadian heaviness then search and get this fucker.

Contact: SUB-VERSION, P.O. Box 42585 #105-1005 Columbia St.

(article published 13/5/1997)

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