Rich Hoak / Family Harsh Noise Experimentation - _Disassociative Cognition_
by: Adrian Bromley (6 out of 5)
Once again we are reunited with the world of FHNE (aka chaotic music aficionado Bill Sannwald) with this split demo called _Disassociative Cognition_. On one side we have the experimental work of Brutal Truth drummer Rich Hoak called "Confusion of The Passers-By" and the second side, a section devoted to FHNE madness, consisting of 16-chaotically grown ideas by Sannwald. While Hoak's piece may be long and never-ending at times, the task of trying to get the listener to have an 'altered state of perception' succeeds. From the start, Hoak's piece is truly odd and eccentric, moving at varied paces of combating noise elements and rehashed emotional tidbits. It's fucked and quite annoying at times... but cool. Speaking of fucked, you need not get past the opening track, "Bombing", to feel the insanity brewing in Sannwald's... er... FHNE's musical creations. While this may not be one of the better demos from one of Sannwald's side-projects (like the Thought Masticator and Intellectually Raped demos I have gotten), it is quite a collection of obscure noise pieces that stun the senses at regular intervals. With the thought of more FHNE (or Sannwald) demos reaching me in the future (I get at least one a month), I can only sense that the madness and ideas placed into the noise/music will only grow more diverse, extreme, and definitely bizarre.

Contact: Rich Hoak, #3 Bethel Church Road

(article published 9/4/1997)

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