Ember - _Within the Realm of the Snowqueen_
by: Henry Akeley (5 out of 5)
No lie: these guys have packed more pure, grim power into this nine-minute, three-track demo than many better-known bands can manage to put on a full length CD. Hailing from Illinois, Ember play no-frills, mean black metal, and their style of delivery is so impressively ferocious that their music comes across with real blistering intensity. Mourngrym's guitar tone is thick, loud, and distorted, much heavier than the standard black metal string sound. And the vocals! Peter's vox are in the upper mid-range, transforming the typical black metal rasping into an agonized yell that just seethes with rage. The band has a totally solid, dynamic rhythm section, too. (Bassist Allen and drummer Abbas have since taken over for Chris and James, who perform on this recording.) The songs - "Dance of the Ancients", "Forever Beautiful", and "The Serpent Fallen" - are brief but action-packed, containing well-timed changes and numerous cool riffs, some in the die-hard, black metal vein, others with more of an old school feel. Great stuff. I believe this demo is becoming fairly scarce, but I'd say it's definitely worth the effort to track it down if you're interested. The band has been featured on a couple of compilations since this first started making the rounds, and apparently they currently have a 7-inch EP in the works, which I can't wait to hear. Watch for that, and in the meantime, check out their well-done web site at the URL listed below.

Contact: EMBER, P.O. Box 2177, Darien, IL, 60561, USA

(article published 4/2/1997)

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