Neuropath - _Desert of Excruciation_
by: Adam Wasylyk (3 out of 5)
I have been hearing some great music out of Australia as of late. The Psychorockmenstrualgrindporn of Blood Duster (see review in #13 and my interview in #14) and a band called Sulkus (demo review in #13; the band have recently signed to Zandrah Records and will have a CD out early next year) come to mind. However, Neuropath don't have the same power as the aforementioned bands do. The 5-piece play death/grind with no real inventiveness or creativity, it's more straight-ahead blasting and heavy Suffocation-like riffing and lower-range vocals. The music on _DoE_ isn't bad, but after you've heard it a thousand times, it becomes nothing special. There are some better moments but they are far and few between. Production is quite good and some money was put into the layout for the demo (glossy, band photo, lyrics). A low three rating on my part, but some death/grind fans could get some enjoyable moments out of this. For a copy of this demo, send $5US to the contact address below.

Contact: NEUROPATH, c/o Daniel Stubbs

(article published 2/1/1997)

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