Murder 1 - _Murder 1_
by: Adam Wasylyk (1 out of 5)
One of my pet peeves in reviewing demos is if the inside of the tape insert is blank, that the band fails to include a bio. Not only does this leave me in the dark about the band's history/location, etc, but it also reflects onto the band negatively. I mean, even if it's hand-written, that's at least something! Well, to be frank I didn't really care in the case of Murder 1, as they play sloppy metal/punk with cliche lyrics (those that I could decipher, of course). Songs like "Homicide", "Born to Lose", and "Fuck Conformity" are laughable, especially the choruses. The vocals rarely had any viciousness to them, for the most part sounded whiney. Of the seven tracks on this, two are played live. "Your the One", the first live track is the best song on the demo. I enjoyed a full 10 seconds of it as there is a great distorted/grinding bass solo which accounts for almost all of the "*" rating. Murder 1, as evidenced by that track sound so much better live than they do in the studio. If they could somehow harness their energy from their concerts for the recording studio then this band may be salvageable yet.

Contact: These boneheads don't have an address on the tape insert (as

(article published 2/1/1997)

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