Dirge - _Hazing Rituals_
by: Adrian Bromley (3 out of 5)
I'll say it first to get it out of the way: the production on this record sucks. I don't know what went down in the Rumblefish Studios (where the LP was recorded) but something wasn't on... maybe something was broken? The music sounds dull and not clear enough and I wish I had known that but at this point all I can say once again is, 'What happened!?' Nothing in the bio said anything about 'recording problems!' Okay... now that that is done I can highlight the good points about this Toronto area four-piece. The music is intense, the anger and rage is everywhere and all the songs flow with sharpness of its hardcore and grindcore styles fused into one tight ball of energy. That is the best definition I can give to their debut CD _Hazing Rituals_, and it seems to stick as the music of _HR_ rarely leaves those two musical boundaries and styles (though a touch of punk is evident in some parts). The band play music much to the style of Nailbomb, Sepultura and Korn for those interested. Seventeen tracks find their way onto this debut (three tracks: "Break It Down", "Casted" and "Vile-Lence" are from their 1995 independent cassette, _I Am_) and as bad as the recording may sound we are still able to feel the vivacity and rawness that Dirge dictates through their lyrics and music, most notably on tracks like "Nothing's Real", "Bloodlines" and "More Than a Reason". Their attitude adds to the blow as well. Loud and gritty, Dirge's music is worth a listen, just wish the recording would have been better. Okay enough of the criticism, check this band out and support local Toronto talent.

Contact: DIRGE c/o Rumble Fish Studios

(article published 17/7/1996)

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