Spastic Ink - _Ink Complete_
by: Brian Meloon (5 out of 5)
Why are the best prog metal bands unsigned? Probably because labels don't have the balls to sign the real innovators, instead opting for half-assed Dream Theater or Queensryche clones. Spastic Ink is the current project of WatchTower guitarist Ron Jarzombek, his brother Bobby, and Pete Perez (both ex-Riot). Their name (which means "crazy, written out music") accurately describes their style. This is some of the most technical music out there, at least as technical as Meshuggah, and a lot more melodically interesting. It is probably best described as what an instrumental version of WatchTower's _Control and Resistance_ would sound like... without the (annoying) vocals, and with the quirky jazziness allowed to dominate the music. However, unlike a lot of instrumental releases (e.g. Vinnie Moore's new disc, see review this issue), there is a good amount of diversity, and the songs all have their own unique feeling to them. The playing on all counts is amazing, with dense drumming, lots of polymetrics and polyrhythms, very fast bass work, and of course fast, jazzy guitar work. Instead of lyrics, a brief description (with illustrations) is given for the inspiration (or reason for the title) for each song. There are five tracks on my advance cassette, one of which appeared on their (unreleased) 1993 demo as well (_That 178 Thing_). Unfortunately, these tracks aren't quite as good as the 1993 demo, but it's still one of the best things I've ever heard. The band has recorded 11 tracks for the _Ink Complete_ project, and are hoping to get it released on CD sometime in the future.

Contact: Ayres Rock Management, 6655 Wilkinson Ave. #103

(article published 10/5/1996)

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