Spiral Architect - _demo_
by: Brian Meloon (not rated)
Did you think that Scandinavian metal bands all played death or black metal? Well, think again. Spiral Architect is a Norwegian band that plays a heavy, dark style of progressive metal, and do it better than anyone else. I'd liken them to a heavier version of Dream Theater, minus all of the cheesy parts. Imagine taking the best (read: heaviest) parts of _Images and Words_, removing the keyboards, and then mixing with Helstar or Psychotic Waltz's _A Social Grace_, and throwing in the occasional influence from Fates Warning and Cynic, and that's what this sounds like. Technically, they're excellent: each member really shines on the two songs of this demo. The guitar solos are tasteful and appropriate, the drumming is dense, and the bassist even gets a cool solo. The (session) vocalist is average, but doesn't really bring this down, nor does he shine. Although the songs change rapidly, they aren't vehicles for over-indulgent musical masturbation. The songs flow very well for the most part (with a few exceptions), so well in fact that you hardly notice that one or two minutes have gone by and myriad changes have taken place in that time. Both songs are roughly through-composed (with some repeated sections), and hence don't get boring, even after repeated listens. The production is top-notch too. The only flaws I can find are a few sections which sound a little too prog-rockish (commercial), and the aforementioned seams in the music. Still, this is excellent, so pick it up, and watch for their upcoming album ... they'll be signed very soon.

Contact: Spiral Architect, c/o Asgeir Mickelson

(article published 18/4/1996)

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