Forward Now - _Smileremover_
by: Brian Meloon (not rated)
Forward Now is a two-man industrial/metal project from Rochester, NY. I'm not a big fan of industrial, but there seems to be a good amount of it going around these days, so I've heard my share. The production here is a little lacking, but not too bad considering that this is a demo. All of the standard industrial elements are here: distorted shouted vocals, techno-like beats, and of course samples (including the obligatory porno-movie sample). They also add a good variety of metallic influences, from doom to grind to a black metallish sound, and a variety of vocal stylings, the most effective being the melodic clean vocals. Most of the music is heavy, bringing to mind Strapping Young Lad, but there are enough "light" (not atmospheric) sections to keep it from overkill. The music is for the most part pretty dense, and less repetitive than most industrial efforts. Some sections are very complex, but some really drag (such as the long sample sections), and they have a tendency to include annoying noises every once in awhile. Overall, this is a pretty diverse affair, so if you like industrial metal, there's probably something here for you.

Contact: Forward Now, 281A Le Chase Manor Drive

(article published 18/4/1996)

10/11/1996 B Meloon Lethargy / Forward Now / Time's Up Anything But Lethargic
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