Deeds of Flesh - _Gradually Melted_
by: Gino Filicetti (not rated)
This three piece, formed in 1994, hails from Los Osos, California, home to ... well ... I don't really know! No really, my first impressions of this demo were nothing spectacular. It sounded grossly generic to me with it's plethora of blast beats and deep guttural groans. However, it was soon evident that Deeds of Flesh weren't just another out-dated "death rock" band. Certain elements such as groove and the occasional tempo change are present, but they have to be scouted out from the rest of the music with an acute ear. Production of this tape is of the highest caliber. It actually sounds as loud as other professional tapes at the same volume level. The vocals here have the Carcass quality to them, one with the deep guttural gurgling, and the other with the high-pitched acoustically agonizing screams. I found myself wondering if the guitarist had the low voice and the bassist had the high one. I seriously wouldn't doubt it, definitely something that would put a smile on my face. If I were you, I would give these guys a chance. I'm sure from the sound of the tape that their live material is excellent, too bad California is so far away (and especially tempting to migrate to at this time of year!!)

Contact: Erik Lindmark, P.O. Box 6544, Los Osos CA, 93412, USA

(article published 13/12/1995)

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