Lords of the Stone - _In An Eyelid's Fall_
by: Gino Filicetti (not rated)
This demo comes to us from Dutch doom metal maniacs Lords of the Stone. After corresponding on IRC with bassist Arjan, I became interested in what this band had to offer. They were described as being 'atmospheric doom metal with crushing riffs, pounding rhythms and highly original male vocals.' Although this description is surprisingly accurate coming from a bio, the one part I disagree with is the part about the male vocals. From the onset of this demo, I heard an absolutely identical voice to Lee Dorrian's of Cathedral fame, especially Cathedral's latest album. Don't get me wrong though, it works for this music, but sometimes it does seem out of place. In the Dutch underground, Lords of the Stone are already well-established seeing as this is their third recorded demo. The music on this album is exceptional and definitely something that I could really get into. My favorite element of this demo however are the suberb female vocals, definitely a plus. An abundance of atmosphere is also present but contained within are certain select parts where I can hear rock arrangements with the various "wah wah" solos and whatnot. All in all, something I'd definitely recommend checking out.

Contact: Arjan van de Logt, Wilhelminalaan 44, 8262 DG Kampen

(article published 13/12/1995)

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