Lethargy - _Humor Me, You Funny Little Man_
by: Brian Meloon (not rated)
This is the best thing I've heard in the last six months, and it goes right at the top of my list of the best recordings (so far) of 1995. It sounds a lot like Embryonic Death's _Stream Of Solidarity..._ demo (1993), which I've described as a quirky version of Atheist, maybe like Atheist mixed with Demilich and some Primus-like quirkiness. Actually, this is goofy on two fronts: at times, the melodies are "silly" (hence the Primus reference), and at others, the music is so complex and technical that it's silly (like Sieges Even, Watchtower, Atheist). The vocalist really sounds a lot like Chuck Schuldiner (on _Symbolic_ especially), which fits the music very nicely. Speaking again of the music, there's really a lot going on here: riffs all over the place, lots of varying tempos and time sigs, dense drumming, yet the playing is really tight, and even the blast beats sound good. The guitarwork is also impressive as the harmonized parts really add a lot to the overall sound. The production is really good too. The only (very minor) problem I see is with the packaging. I'm not really totally sure this is going to be released, but be sure to write to them, and be patient (and include an SASE or IRC!) since they're lazy. So lazy, in fact, that they actually didn't have any J-cards printed up for this demo.

Contact: Lethargy, P.O. Box 13693,

(article published 8/11/1995)

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