Filthboy - _Whatever You Wanna Call It_
by: Gino Filicetti (not rated)
When I first heard from Buzzy (guitarist) that Filthboy was putting together a home video compilation of their three, count 'em, THREE videos, I didn't know what to expect. At first, I was MORE than surprised that this band actually had a video, never mind THREE of them. It doesn't surprise me much anymore, because if there is any indie band capable of pulling off such a feat, it is Filthboy. The beginning of the tape starts out with the boys talking about how Filthboy was formed, and how their videos came about, all the while being completely hammered out of their minds. The first video shown is for "Turncoat Angel", which was filmed with support from their previous label, Putrid Mind Records. This video shows the band jamming in their rehearsal space, as well as frolicking through the local graveyard. The second video for "Standing Still" was done by Kevin and Buzzy themselves, and features Kevin posing as a mad axeman raving on and on to himself. The final video, and the first one ever made, is for "My Deadly Wish". In my opinion, this video takes the cake. The Filthboys strongly disagree, but I still insist it is. It has live footage from their first ever gig, and has the video strobe effects going which I think give it a good professional feel. At this point, the home video ends with "Ever the Villain" playing through the credits. One disappointment is that the blooper reel the guys compiled did not come through in the final cut after the credits where it should be. However, this video makes for more than a solid effort on behalf of the band, and a good chance for people to get a visual glimpse into their sick and twisted minds.

Contact: FILTHBOY, c/o Buzzy Beck, 1616 McFarland Rd.

(article published 8/11/1995)

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