Embrace - _Embrace_
by: Adrian Bromley (not rated)
Kitchener's four-piece, Embrace, are a welcome offering to the growing fold of atmospheric metal outfits. Poetry fused with heavy riffs and melodic pieces of music, Embrace's 6-song demo is an assorted collage of long metallic epics that 'embrace' the listener and take them to another world. Such is the plan of Embrace, if their short but to the point bio is to be believed. Of course, it is; just listen to 'Descendence', opener 'Solitude', or my favorite 'Embodiment Of Darkness', and beg to differ with me that this music doesn't suck you in. _Embrace_ is a moody demo with a lot of powerful chord progressions, intelligent lyrics and banshee-like/ethereal vocals of singer Laura Wiebe that seem to add to Embrace's own style. Five out of the six songs hit the six-minute mark, and at times they (especially closer 'Twilight Soul', clocking in at 12 minutes) seem to lose momentum and tail off at the end, but by the time that happens, the next epic is waiting to unfold. A somewhat dismal recording here takes chips out of the foundations that make up Embrace's sound, but not enough to wreck the effect that Embrace is trying to pinpoint with their music. Better recording measures taken, and a few more penned masterpieces, and Embrace should be on their way to getting more attention in and around Ontario, and hopefully elsewhere.

Contact: Embrace, 470 Driftwood Road, Kitchener, Ont.

(article published 2/9/1995)

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